The Church

The Diocese of Canterbury

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Society for the Maintenance of the Faith
www.kirch-in-not.orgThe Church in Need Aid
www.leprosymission.orgThe Leprosy Mission
www.missiontoseafarers.orgThe Mission to Seafarers
www.the-childrens-society-org.ukThe Children's Society
www.themothersunion.orgThe Mothers' Union United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Additional Curates Society
Spiritual reflections on Mass readings
www.biblegateway.comOn-line source for different Bible versions Saints Index Reflections of Saints' lives to say the Rosary Bible Study Notes
www.shineonline.netRedemptorsit Press Religious Bookshop
www.tvbiblestudy.comTV Bible Study Course
www.universalis.comResources for prayer through the day Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham United Church of God
Weddings Music Plans
The Local Community
stuart@georgewebbfinnThe Barrow's Trust Parish Heritage Civil Parish Council

 Eileen Harrison 01795 479727                                                                 Borden United Charities