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Fr Robert

Hello everyone, I am Fr Robert Lane and I have the pleasure of being the current incumbent in the Parish of Borden.
This page will be used to share the articles I write for the Parish Magazine and highlight anything important that has happened in the parish.  I will also post sermons and useful articles

July & August Magazine Article 

It’s flaming June - I never did quite understand why they called it that because it’s never been an especially warm month, but now I know.  I wake up each morning and have to decide what the flaming weather is going to be like.  We have had torrential downpours and even weather warnings, it got so cold I almost had to put the heating on, its been so windy I had to watch that the roof of the gazebo didn’t fly away and now it’s been so sunny I have sunburn on my face, I wish it would make up its mind.
I thought I would begin this month by giving you a quick update about the refurbishment of the east window.  After having the information for 7 weeks the DAC decided they did not approve of our contractor and told us to stop using them and only to proceed with one from their approved list.  We are in the process of arranging to pick up the window from Easthope and move it to a new company.  I will update you further once we have more news.  I have to admit this is a blow but as the DAC will not give us a faculty to proceed if we do not adhere to their instructions, I have no choice but to change contractors.  This will lengthen the amount of time it takes to carry out the restoration works but on a good note we have received a further £6000 in donations.
We have just spent the weekend at Walsingham with 20 other pilgrims where we gave thanks for everything that Jesus did and continues to do for us.  I find it such a spiritual and restful place that it really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing whilst we are there but we do have some things coming up in the next few weeks that could benefit from a warm and sunny day.
On the 6th July our Church School have their Summer Fayre, it would be great to see many of our congregation supporting the children, then later that same say we have the ever popular Music at the Manor at the beginning of July where a number of local bands will come along to entertain us for the afternoon. We have the Borden Village Summer Fayre on the 20th July where we will be putting on our ever popular Jolly Jar stall and also running the refreshments area too, helping to raise the profile of the church within the community and meet friends old and new.  On the same day as the Fayre is the first of this years Confirmation Services at Canterbury Cathedral followed a week later by a seconds one.  Archbishop Justin and Bishop Tim will be taking the services and we have confirmands for both occasions - please hold all the candidates in your prayers as they make this wonderful commitment to God.
Throughout July, every Thursday morning, we will be running a short bible study course looking at the Letter to the Philippians - The Happy Epistle.  Jane will be guiding us through, as she continues to explore and develop her vocation towards ordination and a place of leadership within the church.  Everyone is welcome to come along to the Forge at 10.30am.  Tea and coffee and biscuits will be provided.
At the beginning of September we have Liz Walker, the Director of Finance and Corporate Services at The Children’s Society coming along for our annual Box Service.  Then later that month Jane, who will have finished her placement with us by then, will be off for her final residential interview with a view towards ordination, so please keep her in your prayers too.  
The social committee have been hard at work and we have events planned right through to October of next year, so there is so much to look forward to and keep us busy.
In the meantime whether I go rusty from the rain, get blown away in the wind or am red like a lobster with sunburn, I continue to thank God for the many gifts and blessing he bestows on us - I just wish he’d give me a clue whether I need a short sleeved shirt, suncream or an umbrella.
With every blessing
Fr Robert

Licensing Service 5th September 2017

On Tuesday 5th September a brand new chapter in the worshipping life of Ss Peter and Paul began as Fr Robert Lane was licensed and installed as the new priest in charge.  The church was full with parishioners from Borden plus those from St Francis in Petts Wood, where Fr Robert served for 7 years before moving to Borden.  There were also members of the local deanery and members of Fr Roberts family. A wonderful, joyful event followed by a reception in the Parish Hall.