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Fr Robert

Hello everyone, I am Fr Robert Lane and I have the pleasure of being the current incumbent in the Parish of Borden.
This page will be used to share the articles I write for the Parish Magazine and highlight anything important that has happened in the parish.  I will also post sermons and useful articles

April Magazine Article 

Happy Easter to all our readers…. although whilst I am writing this the ‘Beast from the East’ has just returned and dropped another scattering of the dreaded white stuff on us, just when it appeared we had got through all the snow for this year.  

I have to admit, despite the slippery pavements and the risk of sliding and skidding everywhere, despite the boiler packing up for a while and despite not venturing out of the house for 48 hours and now looking back, I quite enjoyed the snow this year.  It was great to see the rosy red cheeks of youngsters (and those not so young) sledding on the Playstool.  It was lovely seeing families trudging through the snow dragging the kids behind them and it was beautiful to see snow angels or an odd set of paw prints imprinted on the freshly laid snow but I am equally glad its all over for another year.

Now the daffodils are just beginning to open up, pointing their golden trumpets towards the sun, reminding us that even through the bleakest of mid winters new life arrives heralding the oncoming spring and pointing towards the glorious summer we hopefully will have this year.  

As always we have had a busy and somewhat testing time since the last magazine.  Our journey through Lent and our preparations for Easter were interrupted a little but are now back on track.  Although not greatly attended our Lent Course was a great way to deepen our faith by taking a look at the Beatitudes in a different way; thank you to Janet and Christine for leading and those that came along to participate and many thanks to Chris for the Soup - (who knew you could do that with left over spaghetti bolognese).  Attendance at Stations of the Cross has also been disappointing but thank you again to those few that came along and participated, as we contemplated Christ’s journey towards Calvary for us.  (Note to self - maybe 7.00pm on a Friday evening is not the best time for 2019.)

Our Jumble Sale was postponed for a week but proved to be a wonderful, fun, social occasion that raised almost £700 for church funds.  A huge thank you goes to Mary Whitehead for her skill at organising an army of volunteers that came along to help.  It was a great witness to all our visitors of the church members having fun, working together, helping the community and raising funds all at the same time.

Also the Friends of Borden Church Barn Dance went ahead giving us all a wonderful evening out and the chance to trip the light fantastic…… or trip over it is some cases.

Unfortunately the snow got the better of our first Knit & Stitch but keep your eyes peeled as the date is rearranged, where we will get together to makes some  poppies for our planned events happening over the Remembrance Weekend in November,  more details will be elsewhere in the magazine and will follow closer to the date but there is advance warning to save the date on October 13th where we will be holding a Social event called Land of Hope And Glory, again further details will follow.

In the meantime I hope and pray you have a wonderful Easter break and celebrate the resurrection of Christ bursting forth from the tomb just like those daffodils coming to life after the winter.

With Easter joy and blessings… (where is that beer and chocolate i gave up…)

Fr Robert

Licensing Service 5th September 2017

On Tuesday 5th September a brand new chapter in the worshipping life of Ss Peter and Paul began as Fr Robert Lane was licensed and installed as the new priest in charge.  The church was full with parishioners from Borden plus those from St Francis in Petts Wood, where Fr Robert served for 7 years before moving to Borden.  There were also members of the local deanery and members of Fr Roberts family. A wonderful, joyful event followed by a reception in the Parish Hall.